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Summer Song

Summer Song

Released 2018.



Cornflower Blue
Crossing Bridges
Parks and Fields
You'll Never Know

Released 2017.

Featuring guests:
Richard Mathews on trumpet and Ali McNamara on concertina.


Skedaddle CD

One Man Band
Saving for Bricks
Mystery of Life

Released 2014.

Featuring guests:
Sarah Lambert-Gates aka 'Dolly' on vocals and Neil Sadler on spanish guitar.

Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days CD

11 original songs. Including:

Soul Sister
Star Soaked Night
Three In The Morning

Released 2011.

Featuring guests:
Neil Sadler on bass guitar and Emma Johnson on vocals.

Hello Father Christmas

‘Possibly the oddest and funniest line in a Christmas song ever... a cracking Christmas tune if you ask me.’ Linda Serck, BBC Radio Berkshire.

Released 2010.


Savour The Flavour

Polky music for polky people

We play ‘folky’, ‘poppy’, ‘acoustiky’ music i.e poppy + folky. We concentrate on our own compositions but we also play a lot of polky songs that you will know e.g Raggle Taggle Gypsy (The Waterboys), Squeezebox (The Who) or Voices (Chumbawumba) .

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Sound and video courtesy Dave Lambert.

What people have said about us

"I was a little trepidatious upon seeing the eclectic line up and quirky instrumentation however the minute Savour the Flavour started to play I realised my fears were unfounded. The instrumentation works brilliantly together and their songs were catchy, fun and really well performed. I'll definitely catch them again."
- Rob Gilmour, Readipop

"I've never seen you play before, you were really good - can I book you for another festival?"
- Glenn, Main Stage Compere, East Reading Festival

"the voice sounds like Anthony Newley"
- Hilary, The Mandolinquents

"come back anytime - give me a call" - Graham, Jagz

"I like your lyrics a lot, somehow worldly without taking themselves too seriously." - Dave Lambert, Spriggan Mist

"just a note to say again that I thought you guys were brilliant last night at the Crossley. Look forward to seeing you again." - Rory O'Connor (Lighting)

"Artfully executed Acoustic Pop" - The Retreat

"you made me think about The Decemberists - do you know them?" - Anon, Jagz

"Great stuff - can you come back next year?" - Wayne Barron, Musical Director, Dubs at the Park

"I really enjoyed your set - can you come back for our opening night?" - Graham Steele, Jagz, Ascot

"...rollickingly infectious" - Phil Daniels, Folking Live

"You lot reminded me of the Beautiful South" - Noel

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