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Old Skool CD copies of Ticketyboo, Skedaddle and Halcyon Days are available. Contact us via our Facebook page - thanks.

Garage Songs

hugh spalding garage songs

A set of new songs, recorded by me, Hugh Spalding, in my garage during the lockdown, May 2020.

Available on video only via YouTube or other platforms.

Video Lyrics

It Is What It Is
Video Lyrics

Video Lyrics

Video Lyrics

In My Name
Video Lyrics

Dancing Inside
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Box of Frogs
Video Lyrics

Presence Dear
Copyright Stuart Adamson

Copyright Gary Valentine

World Machine

Summer Song

Summer Song

Released 2018.



Cornflower Blue
Crossing Bridges
Parks and Fields
You'll Never Know

Released 2017.

Featuring guests:
Richard Mathews on trumpet and Ali McNamara on concertina.


Skedaddle CD

One Man Band
Saving for Bricks
Mystery of Life

Released 2014.

Featuring guests:
Sarah Lambert-Gates aka 'Dolly' on vocals and Neil Sadler on spanish guitar.

Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days CD

11 original songs. Including:

Soul Sister
Star Soaked Night
Three In The Morning

Released 2011.

Featuring guests:
Neil Sadler on bass guitar and Emma Johnson on vocals.

Hello Father Christmas

‘Possibly the oddest and funniest line in a Christmas song ever... a cracking Christmas tune if you ask me.’ Linda Serck, BBC Radio Berkshire.

Released 2010.


Savour The Flavour

Polky music for polky people

We play folky, poppy, acoustiky music. We concentrate on our own compositions but we also play a lot of polky songs that you will know e.g Raggle Taggle Gypsy (The Waterboys), Squeezebox (The Who) or Voices (Chumbawumba) .

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What people have said about us

"I was a little trepidatious upon seeing the eclectic line up and quirky instrumentation however the minute Savour the Flavour started to play I realised my fears were unfounded. The instrumentation works brilliantly together and their songs were catchy, fun and really well performed. I'll definitely catch them again."
- Rob Gilmour, Readipop

"I've never seen you play before, you were really good - can I book you for another festival?"
- Glenn, Main Stage Compere, East Reading Festival

"the voice sounds like Anthony Newley"
- Hilary, The Mandolinquents

"come back anytime - give me a call" - Graham, Jagz

"I like your lyrics a lot, somehow worldly without taking themselves too seriously." - Dave Lambert, Spriggan Mist

"just a note to say again that I thought you guys were brilliant last night at the Crossley. Look forward to seeing you again." - Rory O'Connor (Lighting)

"Artfully executed Acoustic Pop" - The Retreat

"you made me think about The Decemberists - do you know them?" - Anon, Jagz

"Great stuff - can you come back next year?" - Wayne Barron, Musical Director, Dubs at the Park

"I really enjoyed your set - can you come back for our opening night?" - Graham Steele, Jagz, Ascot

"...rollickingly infectious" - Phil Daniels, Folking Live

"You lot reminded me of the Beautiful South" - Noel

Live Tonight. Savour The Flavour

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